What is a 1U Rack Server?!
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While modern companies are now investing in their own servers, the subject and knowledge have been more popular these days. Until recent years, businesses preferred to hire third-party hosting services to upload their data. Now, the trend is setting up local servers.

But modern businesses are capable of facing this challenge? The tech industry has been giving the right tools to do so. We can see how a wide array of server models, racks, trays, and all kind of hardware is available in the in win market.

One of the most popular is the tower server. This is the smallest rack hardware for local setups and allows the best performance per square inch. The name itself, 1U rack server, answer to a dimension scale that goes up to 7U.

If you want to set up local hardware in rack mode, the 1U rack server will be the smaller alternative available for you. Most of the time, according to Server Case, the 1U rack server is the cheapest model, mainly because the size and the limited capabilities compared to bigger hardware.

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